Subject: Re: Diamond RIO500 USB driver other USB stuff
To: Alex Nemirovsky <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/16/2000 01:09:37
Alex Nemirovsky wrote:

> Thanks for the recommendation. Since
> I do not have much USB experience, I will have to rely
> on your recommendation to go with ugen.

Actually, I've not quite decided what I like best yet. :)

> Can you recommend a good book on USB?
> Unfortunately, I don't really have any solid USB
> foundation of understanding other than looking through
> your sourcecode.

I've read the specs, so I don't really know about books. :)
But I saw one that looked reasonable from Addison-Wesley in the
MindShare series.

> 1. USB Ethernet that also does HomePNA (anyone know if
> the aue supports the
> LinkSys USB100H1) or perhaps where I can get an
> adapter that is already supported?

Sorry, I don't know about HomePNA adapters.

> 2. CD-R drive for burning CDs.

I've no experience there either.  Sorry


        -- Lennart