Subject: Diamond RIO500 USB driver other USB stuff
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: Alex Nemirovsky <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/2000 15:07:26

Thanks for the recommendation. Since
I do not have much USB experience, I will have to rely
on your recommendation to go with ugen.
Can you recommend a good book on USB?  
Unfortunately, I don't really have any solid USB
foundation of understanding other than looking through
your sourcecode. 

Also, I would like to get some other USB stuff
working. Does anyone know if any support already exist
or if there is ongoing NetBSD development 
in the following areas?

1. USB Ethernet that also does HomePNA (anyone know if
the aue supports the
LinkSys USB100H1) or perhaps where I can get an
adapter that is already supported?  I saw Jason Thorpe
state that the aue supports HomePNA under the
D-LINK 100TX. However, the D-LINK web site mentions
nothing about a HomePNA interface for this part.

2. CD-R drive for burning CDs. 


--- Lennart Augustsson <> wrote:
> Alex Nemirovsky wrote:
> > Is anyone else working on the port of the
> > FreeBSD Diamond RIO500 USB driver and Linux
> > userland tools?
> >
> >
> > Last night, I dived into the
> > USB driver and got it into the kernel.  However,
> > I have not had time to port the Linux userland
> > tools in order try out the driver. The port files
> on
> > the above web page seems to corrupted.
> > I was wondering if anyone else is trying to do the
> > same thing? Maybe we can work together?
> I took a look at the FreeBSD driver.  It had several
> flaws so I just
> rewrote it from scratch while on a plane to Boston. 
> But I have no
> Rio so I can't test it.
> In any case, I'm not sure there should be a kernel
> driver for it, because
> ugen can handle everything you need to do with the
> device.
> --
>         -- Lennart

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