Subject: Re: Multiple messages from ISP driver per target?
To: None <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/25/2000 11:49:28
> Hi,
> I recently had occasion to install the most recent 1.4.2_ALPHA
> code on a PC with a Qlogic 1080 board, and I notice that the isp
> driver spews out one line of info per LUN (?), i.e. 8 or so per
> disk target on the SCSI bus, even though there's only one
> physical device on that target.

Oh, yeah, to explain why this occurs- at the back end of a command, if it's
not a fast posting completion, I check a bit to see whether or not the f/w =
renegotiated a new speed- if so I schedule a query to get the new parameter=
so they can be announced to the outer layers (which for NetBSD just prints
them out). Unfortunately, the Qlogic f/w seems to set this multiple times.

> I find this behaviour a little more than annoying -- one time per
> target would have done nicely, especially since we're only
> talking about a single physical device here.  Matthew Jacob asked
> me to draw some opinions here, so that's what I'm hereby doing.
> My boot messages follow below.
> Regards,
> - H=E5vard