Subject: Re: driver for webgear aviator 2.4 card
To: Warner Losh <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/25/2000 00:28:44
Warner Losh wrote:

> In message <> Lennart Augustsson writes:
> : > Normally, Frequency Hopping (FH) and Direct Sequence (DS) types of Spread
> : > Spectrum are both called "CDMA" - so much so that "Code Division, Multiple
> : > Access" essentially means "Spread Spectrum" these days.
> :
> : I think using CDMA to describe FH is confusing, but who am I to tell...
> CDMA isn't FH at all.  It is spread spectrum in that it uses the
> entire broad spectrum all the time.  All the users share the spectrum
> and you xor your psuedo random number with incoming packets and ignore
> the ones that don't decode right...

Exactly, that's why I said that using CDMA to describe FH is confusing. :)


        -- Lennart