Subject: Re: driver for webgear aviator 2.4 card
To: John Hayward <>
From: Christian E. Hopps <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/24/2000 18:44:10
John Hayward <> writes:

> Before I run out and pick up my own - I looked at some reviewes found
> via google.
> It seems there are people in two camps - those who seem lucky and it works
> for them and life is beautiful or those who seem unlucky and after much
> effort with support they cannot get it to work and send it back.  One user
> reported that support told them it does not work on some hardware.
> Could NetBSDers who are using this report on which hardware they are
> using?

Works for me :)

I bought 2 boxes (4 cards).

I've tested in the following machines:

- My asus socket-7 motherboard with the include isa card.

- My asus k7m (athalong) motherboard with the included isa card

- My girlfriend's Abit motherboard (PII-350) with the included isa card
under windows 98.

- My laptop (nec versa sx) using the pcic at isa, the cardbus compat code
        is currently messed up so that doesn't work.

I've not seen any problems yet, and the coverage is fine.  I was able to 
get full speed from the basement of my house to the server located
``kitty-corner'' on the second floor.

All-in-all I love-em so far.