Subject: wsfontload broken in -current?
To: None <,>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/2000 22:32:07
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I have just updated the kernel on one of my i386 machines from December
11 sources to January 22 sources and wsfontload is no longer working for
me.  My wscons.conf looks like this:

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
#	$NetBSD: wscons.conf,v 1.5 1999/11/10 16:34:08 drochner Exp $
# workstation console configuration

# fonts to load
#	name	width	height	enc	file
font	ibm	-	8	ibm	/usr/share/pcvt/fonts/vt220l.808

# Note: "pcvt" encoded fonts are only useful with the "*bf" screen types
#  of the "vga" driver. The kernel must be compiled with the option
#  "WSCONS_SUPPORT_PCVTFONTS" turned on. See vga(4).
#font	pcvt	-	-	pcvt	/usr/share/pcvt/fonts/vt220h.816
#font	pcvt	-	8	pcvt	/usr/share/pcvt/fonts/vt220h.808

# screens to create
#	idx	screen	emul
# Screen 0 is already configured as console in most cases.
#  Uncomment if a serial console is used.
#screen	0	80x50	vt100
screen	1	80x50	vt100
screen	2	80x50	vt100
screen	3	80x50	vt100
screen	4	80x50	vt100
screen	5	80x50	vt100
screen	6	80x50	vt100
screen	7	80x50	vt100

#keyboard auto
mux		1
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

With december 11 sources, I get 8 terminals, the first (the console)  
80x25 and using the default font, the remaining 80x50, displaying with
the vt220l.808 font.  With January 22 sources, I get 8 terminals, but
all are using the default font, resulting in clipping.  In addition,
there is an error for each screen creation of the form:

	Jan 23 22:06:03 himring /netbsd: vga_init_screen: no font

The font loads also create an error, but these scroll off screen too
quickly to be read.  I have tried rebuilding wsfontload(8) from new
sources to no avail.

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				Jim Wise

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