Subject: Re: 8-space indents considered harmful
To: Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com>
From: Jeff Roberson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/2000 18:51:52
For what it's worth.. I think the real issue here isn't what studies show
is better or worse, but what is standard.  There are plenty of systems in
place which are flawed, but so widely accepted that to change them would
cause more harm than it would solve.  Look at the very programming
language you are talking about identing.  There are plenty of areas where
C could be overhauled, but it would be detrimental to do so.  There is a
widely accepted system in place that works well and gets the job done.
What is the sense in bickering about what it should be when it is
impractical to change it now.  Consistency is the key.

Just my .02,