Subject: changing scsipibus_attach_args/fleshing out configuration
To: None <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/18/2000 19:26:50
I've run into a problem with how NetBSD configures SCSI devices. The current
scsipibus_attach_args assumes that all the info you need to match a device can
be abstracted to type/vendor/product/revision.

It turns out that this is not entirely correct (particularly for the SES
device I'm getting ready to integrate). First of all, the type may not be
entirely relevant when you are looking at Inquiry Data bytes 48-56 for the
string 'SAF-TE' that says this is a SAF-TE device. Secondly, you don't *get*
those bytes for the standard NetBSD inquiry data. Thirdly there are other
markers of interest- if it's a SCSI-3 device and it's got a bit set in what
are now considered 'reserved' bits, it's a device that has SES capabilities (a
PASSHTHROUGH SES device) that may also be driven by another driver (e.g., a
SES capable disk).

This presents a large set of mushy problems, but does anyone objhect to
cutting the problem set down a bit by having pointer to the original inquiry
data passed with scsipibus_attach_args so that drivers can refer to the
original, if available, as needed?