Subject: Re: NetBSD ported to MPC860 / MPC8260? (fwd)
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/11/2000 17:33:05
	Maybe someone working on the MPC8260 could drop this guy a
	line? :)

	btw - tech-embed is probably the best place for any discussion :)


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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 08:54:57 -0500
From: Steven Grunza <>
To: David Brownlee <>
Subject: Re: NetBSD ported to MPC860 / MPC8260? (fwd)

I've written OS-9000 drivers for the MPC860 and firmware test code for the
MC68360 (the predecessor to the 860, CPU32 instead of PowerPC).  If anyone
is looking for someone to include in discussions of NetBSD on an MPC860 or
MPC8260, please add me to the list.  I'm looking into a design now that
would use one or the other of these chips.

Steven Grunza

At 02:03 AM 1/8/00 +0000, David Brownlee wrote:
>	Anyone interested may want to join the fun on tech-kern.
>		David/absolute
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>Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 17:51:14 -0800 (PST)
>From: David Querbach <>
>Subject: Re: NetBSD ported to MPC860 / MPC8260?
>In regard to:
>> > > Has NetBSD been ported to Motorola MPC860 or MPC8260 PowerPC
>> > 
>> > ... or the MPC821/823, and especially the MBX860 and MBX821 development
>> > boards from Motorola?  (I was just about to ask the same question
>Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>> Hm.  Aren't the 860/8260 the parts with the onboard quad sync seial logic,
>> the "PowerQUICC" or some such?  
>Indeed they are.  There are about a dozen different chips in the familiy,
>with different on-chip peripherals and serial port capabilities.  In the
>family, you can find just about any serial protocol I've ever heard of
>(including 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s Ethernet).  Some chips (the MPC821 and MPC823)
>even have LCD controllers.
>Being targeted at the embedded world, however, they don't have hardware
>floating point or the large-block memory mapper (I forget what this is
>called, exactly).  They do, however, have some cache and the small-block (4k
>byte) MMU with a TLB.
>> I'd be interested in hacking on a port to these, though I no longer have a
>> commercial reason to do so (at one point I was working on an embedded
>> device that seemed likely to have one of these as the CPU, and I still
>> have a bunch of manuals at home somewhere I think).
>Manuals can be had free from the Motorola website:  You
>fill out a web form, and they mail them to you.
>and Jukka Marin wrote:
>> I _may_ (don't know yet) be sub-contracted to help in a project based on
>> MPC860/MPC8260.  Everything's unknown at this point - it's not even known
>> what OS will be selected - I hope it will be one of the BSD's (not linux).
>> If this project is started and _if_ I get into it, I'd be interested in
>> everything you do. ;-)
>> Do you have any idea of the time line - do you need the porting job be
>> done within a few months, for example?  I'm sure I'll have no time for
>> this in January, probably not in February, either.  (Old projects taking
>> up all the time..)
>I'm not in any particular hurry; we're just acquiring a new technologies
>(MCP8xx and embedded Un*x) that we think may come in handy.  We've had a
>couple of jobs recently that might have been simpler with MPC8xx/Un*x, so
>we'd like to be ready for the next one.
>I look forward to working with both of you.
>David Querbach
>Real-Time Systems Inc.
>P.S.  Neither of your responses came through the list server.  Is this as
>expected, or should the server be adding a return-path field to the header? 
>I'm no expert in email, so I hesitate to roust the list manager myself.

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