Subject: Re: NetBSD ported to MPC860 / MPC8260?
To: None <>
From: Randy Devol <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/08/2000 14:10:50
> > > > Has NetBSD been ported to Motorola MPC860 or MPC8260 PowerPC 
> architecture?
> > >
> > > ... or the MPC821/823, and especially the MBX860 and MBX821 development
> > > boards from Motorola?  (I was just about to ask the same question 
> myself.)
> >
>Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> > Hm.  Aren't the 860/8260 the parts with the onboard quad sync seial logic,
> > the "PowerQUICC" or some such?
>Indeed they are.  There are about a dozen different chips in the familiy,
>with different on-chip peripherals and serial port capabilities.  In the
>family, you can find just about any serial protocol I've ever heard of
>(including 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s Ethernet).  Some chips (the MPC821 and MPC823)
>even have LCD controllers.
>Being targeted at the embedded world, however, they don't have hardware
>floating point or the large-block memory mapper (I forget what this is
>called, exactly).  They do, however, have some cache and the small-block (4k
>byte) MMU with a TLB.

They are call Block Translation Tables, or BATs.  The 850/860 have a 
minimal MMU implementation, with no hardware support for marking blocks are 
read or modified (except by causing an exception).

The MPC8260 has a core identical to the 603 (or pretty darn close).  It has 
BATs and the same MMU as the 603.  Porting NetBSD to a platform using the 
MPC8260 should be a piece of cake.

> > I'd be interested in hacking on a port to these, though I no longer have a
> > commercial reason to do so (at one point I was working on an embedded
> > device that seemed likely to have one of these as the CPU, and I still
> > have a bunch of manuals at home somewhere I think).
>Manuals can be had free from the Motorola website:  You
>fill out a web form, and they mail them to you.

Or you can download pdf files, if you have some time.

>and Jukka Marin wrote:
> > I _may_ (don't know yet) be sub-contracted to help in a project based on
> > MPC860/MPC8260.  Everything's unknown at this point - it's not even known
> > what OS will be selected - I hope it will be one of the BSD's (not linux).
> > If this project is started and _if_ I get into it, I'd be interested in
> > everything you do. ;-)
> > Do you have any idea of the time line - do you need the porting job be
> > done within a few months, for example?  I'm sure I'll have no time for
> > this in January, probably not in February, either.  (Old projects taking
> > up all the time..)
>I'm not in any particular hurry; we're just acquiring a new technologies
>(MCP8xx and embedded Un*x) that we think may come in handy.  We've had a
>couple of jobs recently that might have been simpler with MPC8xx/Un*x, so
>we'd like to be ready for the next one.
>I look forward to working with both of you.

I have made most of the changes necessary (I think) to support the 
850/860.  I have a (polled) serial driver, new pmap implementation, new 
locore, and other misc. changes.  I am slowly debugging it.  It is slow 
because I am a little over my head on this project (and because I am using 
a buggy debugger) .  Wolfgang has been good about answer my questions but 
it is still slow going.  Anyone interested in helping should contact me off 

-=O=- Randy  F-24 Mk I #32, Joint Venture