Subject: Re: Cardbus
To: Warner Losh <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/28/1999 00:52:05
>: 	I suppose you are running no daemon relies on it, or you are good at
>: 	removing daemon with /etc/pccard_conf_ether (like dhcpc, or rtsold
>: 	comes with KAME).  The latter is not always possible, and not always
>: 	give desired behavior...
>dhclient survives, as does my sendmail.  I've not tried running named
>accross a card eject.  I can plug in different cards or the same card
>and not have problems that I've been able to detect.

So, I take it from what you've been saying, FreeBSD really does get
rid of the device completely upon eject now (that has changed since
I last looked at the code).

Hmmm, so I take it nothing is really done about the interface pointers
left over in received mbufs in the FreeBSD code?  Nothing really jumps
out at me that this is dealt with.

BTW, glad to hear that the userland mostly deals with this.