Subject: Re: Absolute location pointing device
To: TAKEMURA, Shin <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/27/1999 15:56:29
"TAKEMURA, Shin" wrote:

> I'm working on a touch panel device driver, which is built in VR41xx CPU. 
> I'd like to make it work as the wsmouse device. But it seems that the 
> wsmouse does not support a device which handles absolute corrdinates.
> Is there any other touch panel or tablet device support on the NetBSD?

There's the tablet line discipline driver in sys/kern/tty_tb.c.

> If no one is working about it, I propose that:
> 1. Add an argument to wsmouse_input(). The new argument is flag, which 
>    indicate whether the cordinates are absulute or relative. If the
>    coordinates are absolute, the wsmouse_input produce an 
>    WSCONS_EVENT_MOUSE_ABSOLUTE_X event instead of ..._DELTA_X.
>    (WSCONS_EVENT_MOUSE_ABSOLUTE_X is alredy defined in wsconsio.h.)
> 2. Define new mouse type WSMOUSE_TYPE_VRPIU or WSMOUSE_TYPE_TPANEL
>    (The former means VR41xx built-in touch panel controller, and the
>     latter means a general touch panel. Which is better?)

I think "WSMOUSE_TYPE_TABLET" would be more ``traditional''.

> 3. Introduce a new I/O controll command WSMOUSEIO_SPARAMS, with which we
>    can put sample coordinates retrieved with calibration. 
>    WSMOUSEIO_GPARAMS is also needed.

I think a more action specific name might be appropriate here.  Maybe
something like WSMOUSEIO_{S,G}COORD.  It's possible that other parameter
might exist on future devices.

Note that I've not played with wscons much at all, so feel free to
ignore what I've said :-)