Subject: Re: IDE / ATAPI attachment without soft reset
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/16/1999 00:52:08 (Brett Lymn) writes:

> Yes that is my thinking as well.  I know that I was rather annoyed
> when the ESDI support broke before.  I also know that there are some
> desirable things available by using the alt status register so the
> move is technically sound but I think we need to be careful we don't
> strand people with old hardware with no way out.  Some 486 boards have
> PCI slots so there is some chance that people will want a later kernel
> to get some driver but be wedged because their HD does not work.  It
> is a feasible scenario...

Can the driver autodetect ESDI vs. IDE, or perhaps use a compile-time

I know the whole point is to run on anything, but I would hope the
default is to run well on things made recently.