Subject: How can I force a reload of the disklabel?
To: None <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/07/1999 10:59:46
Since the close functions of sd & wd do no longer invalidate the disklabel,
I wonder what the proposed method for forcing a reload is.

The problem I am experiencing is this:

On the atari-port, there is a program (edahdi), that lets one edit the
partition identifiers of the native (AHDI) partition format. The kernel
uses these identifiers to fake-up a disklabel and determine the place
where an (embedded) NetBSD disklabel can be written. So after editing the
partition identifiers, it is essential to force a reload of the disklabel
or you won't be able to further label the disk.
There currently is no program to write atari labels, there is some work
in progress, but the problem is complex and there is no real timeline yet.
So inclusion in 1.5 is unsure. 

Any ideas of how to (temporarely?) fix it?

I can think of:
   - make edahdi reboot the system (Ugh!)
   - let an eject-ioctl on a fixed disk cause media-loaded to dropped (hacky)