Subject: Re: "k"bytes or "K"bytes?
To: Jeff Weisberg <jaw@Op.Net>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/27/1999 22:14:11
On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Jeff Weisberg wrote:

# it's really us wacky computer geeks who need to slapped in
# the head. The entire rest of the world uses powers of 10.

Well hm.  *WE* know what is meant by 'k' in both contexts.  The
drive mfgrs. are being deliberately obtuse by playing both sides of
the fence, i.e. selling from the world into the computer market and
being completely aware of what they are doing.

# recently the IEC decided it had enough of this wacky confusing
# prefix overloading, and did what any self-respecting standards
# body would have done (and should have done years ago), and came
# up with and approved a set of alternate prefixes specifically
# for powers of 2:

Do you *really* think you're going to get the computing community
to change their prefixing to match the IEC at this point?!?

# 	power	Name	Abbr
# 	====================
# 	2^10	kibi	Ki
# 	2^20	mebi	Mi
# 	2^30	gibi	Gi
# 	2^40	tebi	Ti
# 	2^50	pebi	Pi
# 	2^60	exbi	Ei

Not coming soon to a theatre near you.

# 	--jeff

NetBSD. Not Guano.