Subject: New submission: RFS
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/18/1999 16:12:34
Hello NetBSD,

I have completed an i386 implementation and testing of an additional network
protocol for file sharing.  Its based on IBM's PWSI datastream
(Programmable Workstation Streams Interface).  Its known as RFS
(remote file system), but has no relation to the RFS that was created
in 1984 (by Bell Labs, if I remember correctly).  IBM uses this protocol
in their Client Access/400 product, which provides "network drive" support
to windows (3.1, 9x) and OS/2, (as well as MacOS and AIX).

RFS is akin to NFS: it plugs in at the vnode layer.  One of the differences
between that of NFS is that RFS is state-ful.  It maintains a socket
connection between that client and the mounted host

I've based the source on NetBSD 1.4 (current), and would like to submit
it as content for 1.5 (or abouts).

I was referred to this mailing list as to a place to start.  Can anybody
direct me farther?

Thanks for any info,