Subject: Re: PCI enumeration (was: ne2000 PCMCIA not working as PCMCIA either.)
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/18/1999 10:26:29
In message <> 
Ken Hornstein writes
>>My laptop, Panasonic CF-M33 also can't attach USB without Hayakawa's
>>patch.  And, this note PC seems that it dose not allocate resources for
>>USB, even if "Plug and Play OS" to "No".
>Thanks for the information; I had feared this was going to happen
>eventually (a PC which doesn't do the right thing when "Plug and
>Play OS" was set to no).  I was hoping in Jonathan's case it would
>get him going.


The old PCMCIA stuff is up and running, at least after I set
But that's using legacy ISA PCIC-emulation addresses.

What I want is to get the cardbus code going.  For that, both PnPoS=no
and the PCIBIOS patch set all the previousuly- unconfigured-IRQ PCI
devices to IRQ 9. Which may be correct for the Ricoh PCi-Cardbus
bridge on this Vaio; I can' tell, yet.

>>It mighgt be something broken BIOS, but this type of PC exists.
>I believe the opinion is divided as to whether or not the BIOS is
>required to do this.

If the BIOS doesn't, then NetBSD has to.  And since wired-IRQ devices
are fairly common, that means a Linux-style check to see at which IRQs
a devic can acutally generate interrupts, right?