Subject: Re: Unicode support in kernel
To: None <>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/14/1999 22:49:26
> > Converting unicode to other characterset is quite problematic.
> > How does that code handle the problem when the kernel will convert
> > EUC-jp filename to ISO-8859-1?
> You are OOL in that case.

And doesn't handle multiuser case.

> > IMHO, for NTFS, best solution is leave the conversion to userland.
> > (like emacs's path-coding-system variable.)
> Do you feel like changing all the userland to handle the filenames
> on NTFS specially and convert it's name to the programs
> preferred charset ?

It can be done in library level, or perhaps per process codeset
attribute in kernel. Thus don't have to change all userland.
(BTW, latter is.... mmmmm ;-))

> > And, normal CD9660 is not limited to Unicode, there is CD-ROM
> > which is encoded by Shift-JIS and other character sets.
> But I hope Joliet-style CD's use only Unicode.

MS-DOS filesystem long filename extension uses both Unicode and
Shift_JIS in same filesystem, I don't have enough clue about Joliet
extension, but I suppose Joliet is same with msdosfs. (to achieve
compatibility to existing Shift_JIS CD-ROM).