Subject: RE: SCSI network
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Date: 10/01/1999 07:32:41
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> Subject: SCSI network
> I'm contemplating using SCSI interfaces as a networking medium.  Does
> anyone have any thoughts on where I should look for (a) convincing a
> machine that it should speak on other than ID 7


A quick note, I did a similar thing w/scsi IDs on my alpha 200 4/166.  I had
the internal NCR adapter set to initiate on SCSI id 6, and I added an
adaptec 2940UW to initiate on SCSI id 7.  Then I chained the system disk,
the ncr and the adaptec together, and taught the kernel only about the aha. 
This way I could boot off of the ncr via the SRM, and use the faster (ultra)
mode of the aha when I was booted.  Pretty nifty for a one card hack, I

Maybe not relevant, but that's my $0.02.

And a second question: a year or two ago, I was working at a place where
they had bunches of Sequent machines.  These machines could share disk packs
connected only via scsi - no proprietary busses AFAIK.  Each machine was
able to mount the same volume read/write.  What would be involved in doing
this?  Is this just a filesystem feature, or is there a more complicated
SCSI locking protocol which takes place?

-Jon Lindgren
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