Subject: Re: renaming /boot to /boot_
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Konrad Schroder <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/29/1999 16:15:45
On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> In message <>,
> Chris G. Demetriou writes:
> >It would be a real shame to take a step backwards _again_, and moving
> >/boot to /boot/<foo> would do that for the alpha, or bring it a lot
> >closer to doing so.  (certainly, the LFS boot block wouldn't
> >fit... and it's the one that most needs to look things up by block
> >number!)

Umm...actually you *can't* look up LFS inodes by block number, since files
move around the disk as time passes.

> Does the LFS code used for standalone have #ifdefs analogous to the
> standalone ufs.c? If it has to read the / directory to find /boot, how
> much more is really needed to find /boot/alpha.boot?

It does ... but the cost of the "extra" lookup code that LFS needs is
something like 250 bytes.

(In fact the lfs code can share most of the ufs functions --- which looks
cleaner but at a cost of another 130 or so bytes.  There's a way around
this that I've been neglecting...I'll post it in proposal form shortly.)

That doesn't leave much room :^)

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