Subject: Re: Thoughts about wedges
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/29/1999 11:22:38
>> Admittedly, adding or removing drives is probably rarer than adding
>> or removing partitions.  But is it really that much rarer?
> [ disk, eg...]

Heh.  Good point.  Thanks.

>> Another possibility [...]
>> 	mbr0 at wd0
>> 	msdosfs0 at mbr0 partition 0
>> 	bsdlabel0 at mbr0 partition 2
>> 	ffs0 at bsdlabel0 partition 0

> We could do that. :-) But the whole point of wedges was to get
> partition info out of the kernel. :-) Now we're having to put it in
> the kernel config files. :-(

No no.  Just using the autoconf attachment machinery.  I don't think
the person who first suggested this was actually proposing that you'd
actually write that in your kernel config; I'm certainly not.  But we
already have userland tools that frob kernel device attachments to some
extent (scsictl and I think the PCMCIA stuff come to mind); this would
simply make wedgeconfig another such.

I'm not entirely sure I really like it.  I, at least, am still at the
stage of playing with ideas to see what good can be gleaned from them.

					der Mouse

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