Subject: Re: Emulation pointer wanted
To: None <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/22/1999 10:48:00
> Anders Magnusson wrote:
> >I think this is a wonderful idea! I have written a (limited) VAX
> >emulator, so if you/someone have any idea about how this shall be
> >implemented I will happily fix the vax low-level parts :-)
> You probably already know it but have you seen the eVAX pages?
> might be of interest.
Well, actually I haven't seen it. When I wrote my vax emulator stuff
(~2 years ago) there were only a mac version of an vax emulator available,
and without source.

Looking at the evax source (a quick look) shows that:
- It's probably slower than what I wrote.
- It's not LP64 clean.
- Their licensing isn't OK for NetBSD.

-- Ragge