Subject: Re: What happened to the lm75(?) driver?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/21/1999 18:32:23
Hi !

Sorry for the time to reply, but I have lots of others problems now.

To avoid most of copyrights problem with Greg A. Wood's work, I rewrote the
driver and give him credits on the header of sources files.
Of course, some of my code is like his code, but I began my work without knowing
his code, and use it to compare the method of building a device driver and
naming of variables or defines. I gave him credits because he helped me and his
driver was more finished than mine.

To answer the question (What happened to ....), my dual-PII motherboard with the
LM78 chip was broken since 4 months, and I couldn't test the last version.
Yesterday, I  bought a new motherboard (MSI 6163Pro) with some Hardware
management chip onboard (don't know what kind), so I could test it.
But unfortunately :
  1) Hardware management chip like lm75, lm78, became more and more popular and
some new models appear on market every days ! It will become hard to find a
generic format to include most of interesting features common to all the chips
;-) (I saw some motherboard with cascading lm75 !!)
  2) I need to find a 1 Gb or less IDE drive to install NetBSD on it (don't want
to trash my old HD in case of the dual-PII will be repaired one day (my
motherboard was under warranty and delay are sooooo looonngg))
  3) I need some time to cleanup the code and to resolve some problems with the
new chips.

Well, I think that late October is a good date to have a stable version.


PS: Sorry if this message is not well formatted, I have absolutely no ideas of
how "Lotus Notes" work ! Enjoy !


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