Subject: Re: what happened to the lm75(?) driver?
To: Paul A Vixie <>
From: Julian Assange <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/14/1999 08:00:23
> > Provided that I, as a potential commercializer of a NetBSD based product,
> > am not forced to include dozens of lines of attribution clause in the 1/3
> > page ad I take out in Linux Journal because I need to mention that my 
> > product supports some arbitrary list of hardware for which there are 
> > NetBSD drivers written by dozens of different people who insist that I place
> > their names in my 1/3 page ad.
> > 
> > I'm more than happy to place names in documentation or source code but
> > don't make me destroy $5000/month of ad copy all for the sake of vanity.
> if anyone's got a specific argument against this very reasonable (IMHO)
> position, the list should hear it.  if not, i think it ought to carry.


I don't view this intepretation as correct. Certainly it never stopped Sun
and IBM taking out adds for BSD derived code.