Subject: Re: buffer starvation & the vnd driver
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Gandhi woulda smacked you <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/05/1999 11:38:04
On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Bill Studenmund wrote:

# On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Erik E. Fair wrote:
# > I'm interested in seeing this fixed because I'd like to do something
# > similar to Roland for Power Macintosh, assuming we can get some HFS/HFS+
# > support written.
# For HFS/HFS+, I think our best bet is to port the Darwin HFS module. We'd
# then be bug-for-bug compatibility w/ MacOS X. :-)

On a tangent, here, what do people think of an NFS cachefs, i.e. just a
random big chunk of disk which caches NFS files (from many filesystems on
a MRU basis)?

Or do I misunderstand what the intent of cachefs is, or is this just another
egregious hack on the side of some operating system?

Feedback on this, mostly, is what i'm interested in.  I can't help but think
that if we can cache the FS information after an access in some other place
besides the main in-core buffer cache, access times after the first
reference through NFS might improve.

...or are we already doing this?

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