Subject: Re: sd rereads
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/01/1999 15:23:07
>> If the kernel, for any disk driver, keeps the label across last-close
>> of all partitions on the disk, it's broken.
>DIOCSDINFO is supposed to set the in-core label and *not* write it
>out.  If the label is simply discarded, that entirely defeats the
>point of DIOCSDINFO.  There are a number of cases where this behaviour
>is desirable (e.g. using a disk that has a partition table for a
>different system, and you don't want to modify it).

i'd vote against it if i meant that i'd continually lose trying to use
my "other" 5 gig ide drive in my old computer where i *don't* want to
write the disklabel to disk but just shove one "in-core".  if the
kernel loses the disklabel after the last "close", then i'll
continually be stuffing it in-kernel and then losing it; never getting
to mount the disk.

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