Subject: Re: scsi quirks (SDEV_NOLUNS)
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/21/1999 18:34:17
On Sat Aug 21 18:13:33 1999, Robert Elz wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be a list for MI device driver issues, so I picked
> this one as the closest that might do for this query (a list for device
> driver issues might be a good idea).
> Can someone tell me how I test whether the quirk SDEV_NOLUNS is necessary
> for a CD player or not?

You only need to add it when the cdrom drive attaches multiple times with
different luns.
There is no need when you only get a cd0 attachment.

> I have a TEAC 32x, for which the quirk would be, if it is needed ...
>         {{T_CDROM, T_REMOV,
>          "TEAC    ", "CD-532S   10A1EH", "1.0A"}, SDEV_NOLUNS},
> but I'm not sure if it is, or isn't.   It seems (without a lot of
> testing) to work OK without it, but the quirk table has a couple of
> other TEAC drives listed (with quite similar ident strings) that do
> have the quirk.

I have the same drive:
cd0 at scsibus0 targ 2 lun 0: <TEAC, CD-ROM CD-532S, 1.0A> SCSI2 5/cdrom removable

okay, not the same identify string, but nearly the same.

So we don't need an quirk entry for that drive.

Maybe Teac finally did there homework.