Subject: PS/2 mouse: we have a malloc!
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From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/15/1999 23:13:08
On 15-Aug-99 wrote:

> On 15-Aug-99 wrote:
>> I haven't posted this as a bug fix yet -- I'm not 100%
>> satisfied yet that it is one -- but so far it _seems_
>> to be one....
> ...and I just now verified that it _isn't_, when the file
> manager crashed just like before.  Sigh.

And now I think I know why:  the X server _was_ using an
oddball malloc.  It seems about the time I started using the
PS/2 mouse, I rebuilt the X server to use gnumalloc, then
renamed this other malloc to trick the server into using it
instead.  This malloc later was found to have a bug, but by
then I'd forgotten about the server, so I never gave it the
fixed malloc, even, let alone its own malloc back.

What a relief.  That status bit thing never quite made sense.

--Jim Howard  <>

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Date: 15-Aug-99
Time: 23:13:08

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