Subject: Re: /dev/fb, rcons, and changing resolutions
To: Andy Doran <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/12/1999 09:41:19
At 09:39 AM 8/12/99 , Andy Doran wrote:
>Matt Thomas wrote:
> > This leads into a different problem: how does one
> > inform rcons that the format of the framebuffer is
> > different and it needs to select a new set of rasops
> > that are appropriate for reconfigured display.
>WRT 'rasops', as a 'side effect' rasops_setfont() does all the work 
>for you, provided you've changed the 'struct rasops_info'. [The name
>of that function and semantics will change a bit when I fix PR 8121].

So after I modify the chip to a different res/bpp, I would need to
call rasops_setfont?

> > Speaking of rcons, it would be nice to be able to tell
> > it what to use for fg pixel and bg pixel. Also if it
>If you're talking about ANSI color, that's possible. For actual pel
>values, there's nothing there to let you do that at the moment.

If in 8bpp pseudo-color, I want to be able to specify the indexes
into the colormap to use for fg and bg.  This is because the firmware
for the sparcbook uses 0 for white and 255 for black and it would be
nice if rcons could continue to use the same values.

> > could keep (at least) a screenful of the display in
> > memory so that when /dev/fb is closed, the screen could
> > be refreshed. (I assume wscons supports this for
> > alternate VTs).
>Do you mean a pel-by-pel screen capture, or text-and-attributes?
>The latter might just make VTs fairly easy to accomplish. 

just text-and-attribute.

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