Subject: Re: PIONEER SCSI CD-ROM "changer"
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/04/1999 10:44:17
From: Lucio De Re <>
> The problem lies with the number of SCSI errors I get  in accessing
> any one of the six mounted disks.  Well, I'm lying.  I only have two
> /dev/cd?a devices so I can only speak of SCSI errors on two disks:
> cd0(ahc0:4:0):  Check Condition on opcode 0x28
>     SENSE KEY:  Hardware Error
>    INFO FIELD:  96
>      ASC/ASCQ:  Synchronous Data Transfer Error

I'd check cable length and termination.  I saw similar errors when I put a
pair of DRM-604's on my SCSI bus.  I ended up just putting in a cheap
Adaptec 1542 controller, and hanging the two changers off there.  The
problems went away.