Subject: RE: USB device attachment
To: 'Lennart Augustsson' <>
From: Adam Glass (Exchange) <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/25/1999 18:33:11
I was attempting to make the point that having a distinction between the
device and the driver that sits on top has other advantages such as allowing
you to represent the resources consumed by a device independent of whether
you have a driver for it.

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Subject: Re: USB device attachment

"Adam Glass (Exchange)" wrote:

> How do you handle resources consumed by ISAPNP or PCI cards that we're
> turned on by the BIOS but for which you have no driver?  Are they properly
> accounted for so that you do not put something else on top of them without
> first turning them off?

Huh?  What has this got to do with USB?

    -- Lennart