Subject: Re: Separate I&D-cache
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/08/1999 20:33:19

>   It looks to me like vmcmd_map_readvn() is calling uvm_map_protect()
> after the data has been read into memory.  Presumably that is setting the
> page back to read-only using pmap_protect(), which the m68k ports will
> clear the caches for the 68040 and 68060 when the protection is being
> changed to read-only.

Hmm, thanks for the hint.  However, this means that running programs
linked -N wouldn't work, as these have their code mapped writable.

But then again, until my patch done yesterday, at least some -N binaries
(like a "main(){}") wouldn't have worked anyway.

>   I'm not sure about the signal trampoline code - it does seem to work on
> the 68040/68060 and MIPS R4x00 systems.  I don't have a clear
> understanding of exactly how that works, so I don't know how the caches
> would affect that.  I think the trampoline code is written to the user
> stack only when the process starts, and is only executed after that to
> deliver the signal.  On the 68040, something must be forcing the data
> cache to be written to memory at some point so the instruction fetch gets
> the valid contents.  I can't think of anything that explicitly does that
> at the moment.

This is probably the result of doing a lot of things before catching the
first signal and thus flushing the icache.  Try the regress/kern/sigtramp
test, it should most likely fail on these architectures (albeit one can't
be sure as it depends on the exact layout of the code in the resulting

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