Subject: Re: Improving the Unix API
To: Alexander Viro <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/27/1999 12:28:58

> Usage of ioctl() on Linux was a bad idea and it's going to be fixed. More
> or less in the same direction, not exactly the same - 4.4 chflags() works
> fine for UFS and leaves other filesystems to map what they can into the
> UFS set. 

> Which is bogus - immutable is not a UFS attribute, it's VFS one.

Well, I'd argue that Berkeley defined a bunch of VFS attributes, and
then implemented them natively in UFS and LFS; other non-native
filesystems have to map their concepts of other file attributes (e.g.,
dates, permissions, etc.,) into the native VFS concepts.

					- Bill

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