Subject: Re: Suspend/resume hooks
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/26/1999 22:15:19
In message <> Allen Briggs writes:
: Ideally, there should be no more unnecessary divergence of the APIs--it
: would also be nice to work toward removing any API differences that there
: are now (no matter where they came from, what discussions have taken place,
: or what body parts have been scorched in the past).  I know that's a lot
: easier said than done, but I'd be surprised if this isn't what most
: people would like to see.

I know that I'm working on newconfig shims for FreeBSD's new-bus
system and am running into many stupid, trivial errors in doing
that...  I'd like to see these areas minimized where it makes sense
and it technical and politically possible to do so.

If there is interest in cataloging these differences and trying to
resolve them, I hereby volunteer to setup mailing lists to facilitate
that process.  It would be nice if NetBSD's core and FreeBSD's core
would approve, in principle, a statement that says that they generally
support reduction in the differences in API between the two systems,
but resolution of said differences will be handled on a case by case
basis.  Basically, a "we like the idea in principle, but we'll reserve
the right to veto anything that is too radical."

Since I'm not a member of either core group, I'm not sure what the
best way to proceed here would be.