Subject: NFS V4
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/24/1999 12:24:41
I've just been starting work on an NFS V4 implementation. I have no idea how
far I'll get and how fast I'll be progressing, but I just received the following
email and wondered if someone in the Bay Area might be interested in attending?
(I can't guarantee I'll have much working by October, but hopefully there
 would be something to test:-) I don't think I could make it there, but would
be available at this end to help with debugging, etc. (Too bad, since it
sounds like it could be fun:-)

Also, if anyone else has already started on NFS V4, let me know and maybe we
can work something out. (At this point, I'm just working through the draft
spec and scribbling stuff on a source listing. No actual code yet at all.)

Anyhow, have fun, rick
ps: NFS V4 is quite different that 2 and 3 and should prove interesting. At
    this point I have no idea how some parts of the client can be implemented:-)
--- from the nfsv4 mailing list ---
From Wed Jun 23 15:11:35 1999
Subject: NFSv4 bake-off -- Oct 19-21

Sun will be sponsoring an NFSv4 bake-off October 19-21.  Based on the
current and anticipated state of the NFSv4 I-D and various plans for
prototype work, it is expected that some working group participants
will have partial prototype implementations by October.  Hence the
NFSv4 bake-off.

Sun and Hummingbird have expressed interest in preparing and
participating in the bake-off.  All working group participants are
more than welcome and strongly encouraged to participate as well! 

This event is expected to be a low key engineering and real-work
event.  Bring a couple of systems, a couple of engineers and spend 3
days testing and modifying your NFSv4 prototype.  On the third day, it
is anticipated that some time will be spent on presenting or sharing
information from our prototyping experiences.  

Event space is currently reserved at the Marriott in Santa Clara, CA.
Additional details will be provided as they become available.  If you,
your company, or organization is interested in participating, please
send me mail.  We need to gauge interest and ensure that we have
appropriate space reserved.  There will be no commitment implied at
this time; just a straw poll.