Subject: Re: Volunteers to test some kernel code...
To: None <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/23/1999 12:38:01
According to Jason Thorpe:
>On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:25:32 +0930 (CST) 
> (Brett Lymn) wrote:
> > Like we do now :-)
>What are you talking about?  Take a look at vfs_vnops.c:vn_writechk().
>That is called from vn_open().

Maybe it's a perception problem on my part but when I was running
SYSVile I would quite often get bitten by ETXTBSY when I forgot to
quit gdb before doing a make.  The linker would always fail with
ETXTBSY, I would roll my eyes, quit gdb and redo the make.  This does
not happen to me with NetBSD, according to me it should.  No?

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, British Aerospace Australia