Subject: Re: resource allocation, pcmcia, isapnp, etc.
To: None <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/20/1999 15:38:43
In message <Pine.GSO.3.95.990620132034.9105B-100000@jericho> "Eduardo E. Horvath" writes:
: Fine, but if so could we get a reasonably technical description of exactly
: what this `new-bus' is and how it works?  The doc I found on the FreeBSD
: website was an overview from 10,000 feet....

I don't know if such a doc exists.  While there are man pages for the
various interfaces that are implemented (eg driver(9), device(9),
devclass(9)), I've not seen any "big picture" documentation that goes
into these things in detail.  There is also no "style guide" that
talks about how to put it all together that I'm aware of.

One can access the FreeBSD (and many other) man pages at