Subject: UNIX Weenies Are Generally Bad Guys
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Frank Warren <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/17/1999 20:48:22
Why do I say all UNIX weenies are bad guys?  For one, they don't support
what they need to survive, which is users, applications and so on.  For
another, they engage in endless infighting, going nowhere, doing nothing,
while slimes like Bill Gates take over the market because he:

1) Supports users
2) Has decent applications
3) Forms strategic alliances with people who can do him good
4) Tries to fight as little as possible

I like BSD, more or less, and think the Linux world is a mess, more or less,
because I've looked.  But UNIX is UNIX, and it's still pretty useless.  In
fact, TCP/IP is the ONLY reason it endures at all.  It was pretty much dead
except as an esoteric undertaking by 1989.  And it wasn't BSD per se that
led the charge; it was largely Sun and Silicon Graphics, two other
organizations that do support users, have decent apps, form strategic
alliances and don't engage in ego-based religious wars.

Not everyone here is what I would call a Unix WEENIE.  Some are just Unix

If the other guy really is completely intolerable to you, and you to he,
would y'all kindly hie yourselves off to the boonies, have it out with
shotguns or whatever is handy, and SPARE the rest of us?  All Unix WEENIES
are taking a dump in the punch bowl, and this is the third resuscitation of
Unix from a near-death coma.  I don't know how many lives this poor, old,
somewhat (now) threadbare OS can have but it's not looking good.  The same
BS that waxed Unix in its last two incarnations is still very much alive and
well in yet another generation of developers-turned-weenies.  I got news for
you.  X sucks rocks.  The apps don't work very well.  And at this rate, the
future does not look bright.

Bellevue.  Gates' headquarters.  THERE is the enemy.  It's not Linux,
FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD or Solaris.

It saddens me to see the continual BS in these lists.  BSD coulda been a
contender and not just now but in 1983.  It coulda had world domination in
1985, or 1986, or 1987 or....

Broaden your horizons, folks.  Bill Gates has you firmly in his sights, he
undoubtedly has people monitoring these lists and would dearly love to see
BSD die yet again.

The hell of it is, some of you are doing it all for him!

Having a great OS, with no applications, no adequate documentation and flame
wars against anyone but "The Annointed" is kind of like packing a .44 magnum
for self-defense and, when the mugger shows up, putting it to your own head
and pulling the trigger to avoid the assault.  It will stop the mugger from
his initial intentions.  But it's still the wrong answer.

Someone will no doubt respond that users are not the point, not the answer,
that having a place on desktops and having people actually use the OS is not
the point.  All I can tell those folks is that you and whatever skills you
have are already obsolete and pointless.  An OS without users is like a
light shining in an empty house with the blinds shut.  If you don't want
users, what, pray, is the point?


Frank Warren