Subject: Re: resource allocation, pcmcia, isapnp, etc.
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/17/1999 16:07:31
> Instant karma, given all the anti-Linux flaming at the NetBSD BOF, and
> given the NetBSDiality T-shirt.  If you don't want to be treated this

Boy, we're really getting off-topic for tech-kern now, aren't we?
I guess I should not have been so concerned about a side-discussion
on new-bus. :-)

But Ted brings up a good point and I'll make just one off-topic
posting of my own on the matter.  I was really rather chagrined by
that particular NetBSDiality shirt, and I enjoy a good joke as much as
the next guy (perhaps even too much so).  It was one thing to have the
daemon buggering a penguin as a private joke, to be giggled over in
the corridors while showing off the occasional rare example (I know
that not many were made), but donating one to the USENIX Quiz show and
then having Rob Kolstad (who is definitely more than old enough to
know better) stand up in front of several hundred people and show it
off on stage, well, that just went a bit too far.

I remember cringing inside as I pondered what the various Linux folks
must have been thinking at the time ("How incredibly lame of the BSD
folks to stoop to trashing our mascot" is about what my reaction would
have been) and Kirk McKusick was right there in the front row to watch
his little icon be publically misused, ICK!  As all of you no-doubt
know by now, Kirk *does* have certain standards on how the image is
used and blowtorching solaris logos or sodomizing buoyant waterfowl
falls well outside those standards.  The folks who did the Solaris
daemon had the good grace to withdraw it under protest, but apparently
the penguin-buggering folks didn't see things that way and to almost
literally rub Kirk's nose in this during the show can only make him
that much more hard-nosed about future daemon derivations.  We've had
several of our user's daemon designs rejected by Kirk and rightly so
since they generally involved the daemon doing violence to various
other mascots with his trident, now we've gone even further down.

Some folks may also consider this none of my business since I'm hardly
a personification of moral rectitude for others to emulate, but let's
consider how much confusion still exists between NetBSD and FreeBSD in
the user base (Rob Kolstad even first identified the quiz show prizes
as having come from the *FreeBSD* camp), and when one group craps in
the punch bowl, the other group definitely smells it.  I think that
given that fact, it's not all that impolitic of me to comment on it.

I also know I'm hardly the most loved of people over in NetBSD-core
land (too much polluted water under the bridge for much love to be
lost on either side there) but I hope that you can divorce the message
from the messenger and see the wisdom of being just a bit more
politically astute in the future.  Attack-advertising, even as a joke,
just doesn't come off as well in public as it did when you were all
sitting around at the bar giggling over the idea.

- Jordan