Subject: Re: helpers for CardBus patches
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/17/1999 15:32:47
In message <199906170238.TAA01393@Cup.DSG.Stanford.EDU>, you write: 

-> Below are the acutal `patches from Hayakawa-san's CardBus patches.  I
-> dont know enough about COM IRQ usage to judge teh pros and cons of
-> avoiding the standard COM1 and COM2 values on PCMCIA, but the rest look OK.

For those of us who are resource-constrained (short on IRQ's, IO space or
actual physical connectors) on our laptops, I think this is a Bad Thing(tm).  

I'd like to be able to disable my COM2 (which, on my laptop is only usable 
through the IR port since I only have one COM port on the back) and use the 
modem function of my combo ether/modem as COM2 instead.  Same goes for 
separate modem PC-cards.


Rafal Boni