Subject: Re: A TODO list for cardbus/ PCMCIA support.
To: None <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/17/1999 00:42:47
> 	I do not like if_detach() on card removal.  This is because,
> 	when I run routing daemons on notebook and would like to move a
> 	card from slot 0 to slot 1 (due to physical reasons, like cable length)
> 	the routing daemon may go crazy.  Also, from IPv6 perspective
> 	I would like to see fixed mapping between driver (ne0) and mac address
> 	(IPv6 uses mac address as seed to generate interface address).

Isn't there some way to fix the routing daemons to take this into
account?   The other side of what you're talking about is that if I
have, for example, an ethernet card that I use when my laptop computer
is at my desk, and a ricochet modem that I use when it's not, it would
be nice if the kernel could tell, at the network level, when the card
has been unplugged, and stop using any routes that go through that
card.   I'd like the kernel to notice when the card is again plugged
in, possibly a long time later, and do the right thing then too.   It
seems to me that it's a lot easier to fix the daemons to behave
reasonably on inserts and removals than it is to teach the kernel to
behave reasonably if inserts and removals don't detach interfaces.