Subject: Re: non-512-byte-sector devices vs. UBC
To: None <,,>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/1999 14:44:39

> Also, the fact that raw audio CD blocks are slightly over 2k is very
> uninteresting. There are no filesystems to deal with, and these blocks are
> not addressable in the way the previous poster seemed to think.

Actually, there _are_ filesystems that make use of the extra stuff in
the larger sector.  CDROM/XA uses essentially ISO 9660, but allows the
storage of multimedia data in some of the sectors which then uses (most
of) the extra bytes in the audio sector for additional data.  Note that
most of the extra bytes are used for error correction on normal data

> Guess what? One of the reason the data sector (exactly 2k) is less than
> the audio sector (2352) is exactly because of bits that identify the sector
> number on data disks so the drive can read it!

Yes, but this uses only a small number of the ~300 extra bytes (I think
it's 4 or 8 bytes, would have to search my documents...).  As I said
above, most of the extra bytes are used for error correction.

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