Subject: -Wno-parenthesis
To: None <>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/06/1999 13:22:57
I think we made a mistake in accepting the exact defaults of -Wall.

I would like to change it in all the kernel Makefile's to:

	-Wall -Wno-parentheses.

(It can't be changed in some ports and not others for obvious reasons.)

I know, C has too many operator priority levels, and I know, some of them
are peculiar, such as + - over << >>. But -Wparentheses is too strict,
e.g., it complains about not grouping && instructions just because there
is an ||.

Really, though, you shouldn't be hacking the kernel if you don't even know
the C basics. And there is always `man 7 operator', not to mention

Plus, redundant parens are prohibited in KNF. (Unless `the statement is
really confusing without them'. Not `confusing', but `really confusing'.)

I don't think we should change all those years of KNF tradition just because
the gcc authors use a different coding style.