Subject: Update on Hitachi Visionbook Traveler 600 problems
To: None <,>
From: Ezra Story <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/19/1999 09:11:32
The short version: Learned quite a lot about pcmcia and  cardbus, but
still no progress, my pcmcia card still doesn't work.

The long version:

Not being one to give very easily, I grabbed the spec on my 
chip set (TI PCI1221/i82365DF) and groveled around the pcmcia code
tweaking intr bits and generally making the laptop do strange and
wonderful things.  Still no go...  The interesting thing, again is
that I can make the pcic intr fine on several irqs, 9 and 15 come to
mind -- but the card wont intr, even if I use the irqs I know are 
good for the pcic.  Looking at the linux code, this is exactly how
they check irq viabilty (making the pcic intr on that irq), so I'm
at a loss.

Then I grabbed the cardbus patches to see whether going through
the cardbus controller would work any better.  Unfortunately, the
cardbus drivers don't even know that a card exists.  I suspect
there's some wierdness with getting the right memory window for
the ExCA and cb registers -- mainly because I'm seeing all 0's for
both, which doesn't make a lot of sense (there should at least be
a 0x84 for first ExCA ident reg).  I gorveled about for a bit before
I realized there wren't even valid registers there. :)  

I don't really know what the unibus stuff is for, and I see code to
use bus_space_map, so I may try that instead to see if it works

Again, ideas and suggestions welcome.  The pcmcia card is a SVEC
Hawking Ethernet Card (ne0).  This same card works in a Toshiba 2115CS
using a 1.4 release kernel boot floppy and has worked for over a year
on vrious -current kernels.