Subject: Re: Ideas about the cdevsw/bdevsw structs.
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/16/1999 18:54:47
> > 	All major numbers are kept in an include file; machine/conf.h
> > 	for example. [..]
> > 	config(8) is changed to include and use this defines in swapnetbsd.c
> > 	instead of getting the majors out of the "files" file. No need to
> > 	duplicate info :-)
> This doesn't work out for third-party stuff.
> There needs to be a "files" file anyway, so better only declare it there.
> Second, lets add a keyword to config to let it add an arbitrary "files" file
> as if it was included at the  end of "arch/$ARCH/conf/files.$ARCH".
> This way third party stuff wouldn't need to patch anything in the kernel
> source, just add a new subdirectory to sys/ and a few entries to the config
> file.
I think you are speaking about something else here, or I have misunderstood
what you mean :-) 
I do not plan to remove the "files" file, only to remove the use of the
"major" keyword in "files". Third-party shouldn't care about this at all;
merely that it would not anymore need to have things in the conf.c file
if it uses b/c devices.

-- Ragge