Subject: Re: ffs fragmentation
To: None <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/1999 11:52:56
Jaromir Dolecek wrote:

> For me - 3% after about a half a year; the NetBSD portion
> is nearly full last 4 months and I run out of all space several times
> (I mean all as all - even the 10% spare root-only space). The
> fragmentation seems to stay constant now.
> My other computer has about 2% fragmentation after about three
> years -- this one has plenty of free room though.
> Both are desktop computers only though.

That's not actually a metric of file fragmentation on the disc, that's
the amount of blocks hat have been split to fragments to put on the end
of small files: They are different things!