Subject: Re: struct ifnet's if_softc field?
To: Dave McConnell <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/1999 07:59:31
At 03:29 AM 5/14/99 , Dave McConnell wrote:
>Why does "struct ifnet" have a "void *if_softc" as its first field. It 
>seems unnecessary...
>Isn't ifnet always the first field in a network drivers softc structure?

No.  For physical interfaces, struct device is first.

>In which case the pointer to the drivers "struct softc" is also the 
>address of the devices "struct ifnet" (analogous to inheritence in 
>C++) or am I missing something here ?

But that usually isn't the case.

>Along the same lines, I also see explicit useage of the softc's ifnet 
>field address rather than the address of the softc structure itself 
>when an ifnet address is required.

This so we can use C's limited typechecking to hopefully prevent bugs.
Note that if/when we switch to dynamic ifnet structures (for pcmcia
and/or usb), compilation warnings will occur where code has not been
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