Subject: Re: more on splice()
To: John Kohl <jtk@Rational.Com>
From: Andrew Doran <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/10/1999 12:09:52
I believe I've found a copy of this paper, although I haven't had
a chance to look at it yet:


John Kohl wrote:
>       Author: Kevin Fall
>       Author: Joseph Pasquale
>        Title: Exploiting In-Kernel Data Paths to Improve I/O Throughput and CPU Availability
>        Pages: 327-333
>    Publisher: USENIX
>  Proceedings: USENIX Technical Conference Proceedings
>         Date: Winter 1993
>     Location: San Diego, CA
>  Institution: University of California, San Diego
> There's no on-line copy at the USENIX library yet.
> Here's the abstract as I have typed it in:
> We present teh motivation, design, implementation, and performance
> evaluation of a UNIX kernel mechanism capable of establishing fast
> in-kernel data pathways between I/O objects.  A new system call,
> splice(), moves data asynchronously and without user-process
> intervention to and from I/O objects specified by file descriptors.
> Performance measurements indicate improved I/O throughput and increased
> CPU availability attributable to data copying and context switch
> overhead.
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