Subject: IEEE 1394 Support (aka FireWire, Sony
To: None <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/07/1999 18:45:11
The new Blue & White PowerMac G3's come with a TI PCILynx Firewire
Controller.  It's capable of 100MHz, 200MHz, and 400MHz operation
and is a serial bus (as is USB).

It would be cool to have 1394 support in NetBSD but let's step
back a bit.

1394 peripherals can use the SCSI protocol to access devices.
Or use isochronous protocols like DV (Digital Video) or MPEG2
for talking to camcorder, digital tape recorders, HDTV set
top boxes.  Or IP directly over 1394.

So the question is what type of API should a 1394 present to the
kernel?  It needs to be one that could be used by a [revised]
SCSI layer and the needs of IP over 1394 as well as the channel
manager (needed for IP/ARP and for isochronous traffic).

Is anyone interested in this besides me?
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