Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Matt Riben <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/28/1999 17:35:00
hi, i was just wondering are there known issues in netbsd with the null,
or union, filesystems? kernel panicing, and/or system hanging type

thank you.

from rfc2550, Y10K and Beyond:
   A large number of approaches exist for formatting dates and times.
   All of them have limitations.  The 2-digit year runs into trouble
   next year.  The 4-digit year hits the wall in the year 10,000.  A
   16-bit year runs out in the year 65,536.  A 32-bit counter for the
   number of seconds since 1970 [UNIX] wraps in 2038.  A 32-bit counter
   for the number of milli-seconds since booting crashes a Windows (TM)
   PC in 49.7 days [Microsoft].
   [Microsoft] SNMP SysUpTime Counter Resets After 49.7 Days